Attention Busy Professionals Who Struggle to Fit Fitness Into their Busy Lives...
How you Can finally get online access to gymnazo workouts
(EVEN IF YOU travel a lot or have moved away from san luis obispo)

You're getting exclusive access to our online workout program, where we bring the Gymnazo workout experience into your homes, hotels and beyond!

Now you can get access to:
 3 strength workouts, 
3 cardio workouts, 
1 mobility workout 
and so much more... 
believing that they can workout harder, less often to receive the same results that only happen with daily consistentcy
If you know me, you know I’m a big believer in innovating only when it’s aligned with our members’ needs. For the past couple years anytime anyone has moved away from Gymnazo, or had to stop their membership due to a crazy work schedule or tight finances, it’s been a real bummer not to have anything to offer them to make sure they have access to our unique style of programming. 

What I continue to see is that busy professionals struggle to find the personal motivation to workout when they’re outside your normal routine. This makes it hard to keep fitness prioritized, which means it’s easier to get off track with your fitness and health goals.

Did you know that consistency is KING when it comes to achieving any significant goals? It's easier to slip out of habit than it is to build a habit. Which means staying consistent is the secret to your long term success.

Yet most busy professionals, who struggles to fit fitness into their routine, can't get past the idea that working out harder less often will get them the same results as working out daily. Sadly that’s not the way it works. 

Building a habit of daily movement is most critical to achieving your fitness goals! We can’t “make up for it” by working out harder. That typically results in injury and unnecessary stress on your body. 

Bottomline: It's all about consistency and from where I’m sitting the biggest hold up is the convenience of accessing quality, multi-directional workouts from anywhere. 
To solve this...
I’ve created a 7 Day Fitness Reset program that is designed to do day by day, tackling your fitness, your nutrition and your mindset all together. It can also be used to supplement your current workout regime to fill in the gaps so you can finally start to build the consistent habit of fitness and health in your life that you’ve been wanting all along. 
If you're a busy professional who struggles to fit fitness into their routine who really needs to be able to workout consistently, but can't always make it into the gym, here's the solution you've been looking for...
introducing 7 Day FITNESS reset!
The "7 Day Fitness Reset" helps you:
Get access to Gymnazo quality workout anywhere you are in the world...
Once purchased, these videos are yours forever...
These workouts are designed to be bodyweight only, so no equipment purchase is necessary...
Learn our top 7 nutrition tips most likely to create results without being completely disruptive to your current lifestyle...
Build a mindset primed for success with daily mindfulness exercises …

 ... and much, MUCH more!
you'll start seeing results with "7 Day Fitness Reset" quickly and it costs less than 1 semi-private session
Get Onboard With 7 Day Fitness Reset Now!
3-step program, 7 days, nutrition and mindset hacks and more...
Here's Exactly What You're Going to Get With the 7 day Fitness Reset
7 Day Fitness Reset ($175 Value)
Get lifetime access to 7 whole body, multi-directional workouts you can do anywhere. No equipment or experience needed to be successful! This online workout program makes it simple to take Gymnazo workouts anywhere with you, which enables you to stay consistent with high quality workouts even when you can't make it into the gym.

7 Workouts include: 3 strength workouts, 3 cardio workouts and 1 mobility workout
Quick & Easy Nutrition Challenges ($55 Value)
We've done the research and if you only have the time and ability to incorporate a couple strategic habits into your busy lifestyle, these are the quickest ones to see the best results in your overall health. 

This includes 7 nutrition challenges to start layering into your days. If you focus on one at a time, it's a simple way for you to build quick nutritional habits that help you to lose weight, reduce inflammation and feel your best.
7 Success Mindset Secrets ($50 Value)
After a decade of training clients of all ages, it's clear that having a healthy mindset primes us for true success. In this training series, I give you my top 7 secrets to remove mental obstacles to your success. This will helps you succeed faster and be set free from limiting beliefs holding you back from reaching your potential.
limited time offer!
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If "7 Day Fitness Reset" doesn't help you get access to Gymnazo quality workouts anywhere you are in the world ... if it doesn't once purchased, these videos are yours forever... or if it fails to these workouts are designed to be bodyweight only, so no equipment is needed ... then we'll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders. You have nothing to lose and all the success to gain with your Multi-directional workouts results!
Get Onboard With 7 Day Fitness Reset Now!
commit to fitness as a lifestyle now and reAp rewards for decades to come
Here's to your success with 7 Day Fitness Reset! Here's to your success with establishing a consistent, lasting fitness routine with our quality multi-directional workouts!

Cheering for you,
 Michael T. Hughes
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  • ​7 Day Fitness Reset ($175 Value)
  • ​Quick & Easy Nutrition Challenges Every Person Over 40 Needs To Do ($55 Value)
  • ​7 Success Mindset Secrets ($50 Value)
Total Value: $280
But today, you're getting all of this...
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